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[DSECRG-12-015] SAP Adapter Monitor - information disclosure

Information disclosure in servlet.

Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory DSecRG-12-015

Application: SAP NetWeaver
Versions Affected: SAP NetWeaver 7.0
Vendor URL:
Bugs: Information disclosure
Exploits: YES
Reported: 06.12.2011
Vendor response: 06.12.2011
Date of Public Advisory: 17.12.2011
Author: Dmitriy Chastukhin from DSecRG (research center of ERPScan)

Information disclosure in servlet

It is possible to get information about Adapter Monitor without authentication.


Fix Information

The reported vulnerability concerns SAP_BASIS 700 SP05. SAP_BASIS 700 SP05 was shipped in December 2005. SAP_BASIS 700 SP05 is out of maintenance.

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[DSECRG-12-015] SAP Adapter Monitor - information disclosure

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