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Whitepaper "Python arsenal for Reverse Engineering" version 1.1

Whitepaper This whitepaper (Version 1.1) is a updated collection of various Python engines, extensions, libraries, shells, that aids in the job code for understanding, analyzing and sometimes breaking. The collection consists of more than 40 projects. This document is intended to show the power of Python for RE and also an attempt to systematize a knowledge of the python for RE. This document is useful for beginners and advanced professionals of RE.

Author: Dmitriy Evdokimov

Python programming language has become a language of hackers. And it is not surprising, because it has all the necessary qualities: − Free − Portable − Powerful − Mixable − Easy to learn etc. A great role in this were played by such projects as IDA Pro, WinDBG, OllyDebug, gdb, which, being a de-facto standard among disassemblers and debuggers, eventually began to support the scripting engines in Python. Of course, they had maintained their own API for plug-in developing, and it was not a small number of them, but exactly with the appearance of the Python support they received a strong push in the development: increased the number of plug-in, increased community, and of course their flexibility also increased, which allowed them to interact both with each other and with other applications, using the best aspects of each other. But in the beginning of the path there was naturally only hacker spirit and idea.

Python arsenal for RE 1.1.pdf, 1192 KB

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Whitepaper "Python arsenal for Reverse Engineering" version 1.1

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