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06.06.2012 Kuwaiti oil barons are worried about SAP security

01.06.2012 ERPScan educates German students

25.05.2012 ERPScan researchers guard Adobe

24.04.2012 ERPScan has released a new version of Security Scanner for SAP: ERPScan v2.0

26.03.2012 Installation of vendor's patch does not always guarantee security

20.03.2012 SAP critical patch update March 2012

20.01.2012 DSecRG supports Project BaseCamp by releasing WAGO PLC 0-day vulnerabilities

16.12.2011 ERPScan Company enters the Google and Yandex Halls of Fame for work in information security

17.10.2011 SAP critical patch update October 2011

10.10.2011 SAPocalypse - concept of a new SAP worm will be presented at HITB Malaysia

05.10.2011 Whitepaper "Python arsenal for Reverse Engeneering" have been updated to version 1.0

03.10.2011 DSecRG researchers took part in Brucon conference and conducted a meeting with SAP.

30.09.2011 ERPScan appeared at the SecurityByte conference

16.09.2011 SAP critical patch update september 2011

12.09.2011 ERPScan warns about new vulnerabilities of DIAG protocol in SAP

07.09.2011 SAP security threads at the worldwide conferences

05.09.2011 Vulnerability detected in SAP got into the list of the most dangerous, presented at the recent BlackHat and Defcon conferences

30.08.2011 ERPScan participation in BlackHat and Defcon conferences

25.08.2011 SAP critical patch update august 2011

29.07.2011 Next week a half of SAP systems, available in Internet, can be hacked

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